Sunseekers Resort

​McCarthy Band engagement calendar


At Stump Pass Marina

Off Placida Rd. Grove City

Some  friends are having a problem seeing our calendar.  If you are using your phone or tablet; you must put your device on it's "Desk Top" setting.  That should do the trick. For anyone who still can't see the weekend part of the calendar, Click "This Weeks Gigs" in Menu at the top of the page


 Info brought to you because ofMr. Peanuts 

We support  these great local venues :

    The Wave 

on Englewood Beach

Venice Island

McCall Road, Englewood


@ Sunseekers       @ Ron G Entertainment

 941- 504 - 0991

North Beach Road across   from Englewood  Beach

Venice Island

We are always looking for new places to play! We love to play House Concerts! We can give a quiet show of favorites for an indoor show, or fire up the BBQ!


@ Sunseekers       @ Ron G Entertainment

God Bless the USA


On Jacaranda Blvd. Near the Roundabout in Venice FL

   Seamus and The McCarthy Band