"Strong, unique harmonies and tight musical arrangements, make these guys sought after for Small concerts, Festivals, Private/Corp.  Parties, clubs!"

No back up tracks just honest high energy acoustic entertainment."

On stage with the great 1910 Fruit Gum Co.

Jimmy and Frank Stallone

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  941- 661- 8538

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The Jimmy McCarthy Band is a four-piece group that plays a little more rock n" roll than The Seamus Band. No loops or track. Songs from the likes of The Band, Éric Clapton, Johnny Cash 

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The Seamus McCarthy Band is a three-member group that plays a variety of songs from many styles. Seamus is the lead vocalist and Jimmy and Russ back him up and harmonize on the vocals.

  Bruce Thistle has passed away too soon!  Bruce was a wonderful man and a good friend. We will miss him. Please keep his family in your prayers.

​    Yes, he will be able to turn up to eleven now !

Jimmy , Billy Joe Royal and Roy Head

Actual Live Music

Sun Studio

Mavis Winkles, Cleveland Ohio

Call Us... We  love the work!

On stage with Gary DeCarlo

Na na na na hey Hey hey Good bye!

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