Hear Seamus, Jimmy & Russ at these great venues :

Farlow'son theWater


Placida Road, Grove City

 Info brought to you because of Mr. Peanuts 

We want to honestly and truly thank the folks who have been coming to see us.  We think you are a huge part of our show !

For us  stuck here in paradise for the Summer keeping the Party going On ! We are so grateful for you! Thank you


We are always looking for new places to play! We love to play House Concerts! We can give a quiet show of favorites for an indoor show, or fire up the BBQ!


Farlow'son theWater

Seamus and the McCarthy Band



The WAVEon Manasota Key


 941- 504 - 0991

" Wow! Checking out SMB's site is better than work!

McCall Road Englewood



   British Open Pub

On Jacaranda Blvd. Near the Roundabout in Venice FL

The Light House Grill 

 You can check our Facebook page or contact us through the site or email regarding any dates.  As always we look forward to hearing from you. We even answer the phone!

  The "Little" Moose 

      McCall Rd.  East Englewood

Seamus is back from the North ! So....

We are not sure what the next few months will bring regarding our playing. I commend our local venues for walking that fine line between keeping open and keeping safe.  So, for now  I will try to put up to date info right here in this space. 

We are at the Ricaltini's Tuesday the 11th and  Farlow's on the Water on Saturday. Thank you all for supporting our local entertainment/ dining scene in a responsible way! Party on Englewood