On Jacaranda Blvd. Near the Roundabout in Venice FL


TheWaveon Englewood Beach

                          Friday 23rd

                              6:30 -- 9:30

Music@ erinrye.com



Placida Road Rt. 775 Grove City

We are always looking for new places to play! We love to play House Concerts! We can give a quiet show of favorites for an indoor show, or fire up the BBQ!

Englewood Beach, on Manasota Key

The Wave


Thank you Englewood, Venice  and the surrounding area for supporting live music! There are way too many acts that use pre recorded tracks as there musical back up. Folks, this is called Karaoke. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a fun evening of people doing their best to sing their favorite songs, while others enjoy their efforts. Keep in mind those who use these tracks to perform  as an act, are putting real musicians out of work!  So thank you to all those who show up to hear real music. " For we who play, you make our day"! Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!!

You need live music!!!!!



At Stump Pass Marina

Off Placida Rd. Grove City

 Info brought to you because ofMr. Peanuts 


We support  these great local venues :

               Bring on the Summer

Brew Burger's

 941- 504 - 0991

Just off Jacaranda BLVD, Between the round-a-bout and I 75

Venice FL

"It Don't Get Any Better Than This"

McCall Road, Englewood

   The McCarthy Band