We are sorry some of our friends are havinmg a problem seeing our calendar here on our site. That is the main reason folks visit. It is not your equipment. If you are at home on a desk top, you should be fine. If you are using your phone or tablet; you must put your device on it's "Desk Top" setting.  That should do the trick. For anyone who still can't see the weekend part of the calendar, I will post a box on calendar that will show where and when we will be playing  for the coming week end. I hopes this is helpful,

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The Wave


 Info brought to you because ofMr. Peanuts 

Englewood Beach, on Manasota Key

Placida Road Rt. 775 Grove City


 941- 504 - 0991

Saturday Aug. 7th 6:30

Full band at Farlow's on the Water

We are always looking for new places to play! We love to play House Concerts! We can give a quiet show of favorites for an indoor show, or fire up the BBQ!

We support  these great local venues :

Music@ erinrye.com



McCarthy Band engagement calendar

McCall Road, Englewood

On Jacaranda Blvd. Near the Roundabout in Venice FL

Brew Burger's

   The McCarthy Band

Saturday Aug. 7th 6:30

Full band at Farlow's on the Water


Just off Jacaranda BLVD, Between the round-a-bout and I 75

Venice FL

At Stump Pass Marina

Off Placida Rd. Grove City