The Seamus McCarthy Band



We will only perform totally live music! We have no machines , computers, or sequencing keyboards. Each performance is fresh and live!







When not on a large stage, the band uses Bose sound systems that cater to each venues sound needs. We are not too loud!

Years of performing on stage with some of the biggest acts in music, has not stopped this group from having a ball on stage every night!

When Seamus is on stage the party is in session!! People come to have fun and they do!

The S.M.B.plays live music for concerts, diners, festivals, opening for and backing of national touring  acts. Fiddle, guitar and bass, plus three part harmonies , are the trademark of the band, and make them perfect for small house concerts as well as large stage venues.

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Saturday night at the

New British Open Pub

We had a great time at the new Pub!

The place was buzzing and everyone was smiling! 

If you have not been there , get there!

We start this week at 7:00 p.m.

Friday night  6:00 p.m.


Stump Pass Grill